Jeffrey Tillitt kills Franklin County broken-antlered buck

My name is Jeffrey Tillitt. I live and hunt in Franklin County. I have Waited the last four years to harvest a mature buck and have been passing on all others. I did take my step son last year and he was fortunate enough to get his first buck but other than that we haven’t harvested any bucks for a few years on the farm. I have Tactacam reveal cams and have been monitoring the herds this season with some nice bucks on camera. About a month ago a nice wide buck showed up and had a split ear making him noticeable. A couple weeks after that he appeared again and only had half of his rack. It appeared as if he broke it fighting.

Last Friday I walked I to My stand and covered my shoes with a little doe urine and walked into my stand then down the shooting lane to add some scent wicks to trees then hopped up in the tree. After 30 mins I had A small buck follow my exact walking path and walk directly under me. I knew Then it would be a good day. I watched A couple young bucks and at last light I heard Two deer walking beneath me. They walked I to The lane and when I got a chance to look at them I knew One was a smaller buck I had seen a couple days before and the other had antlers that were much bigger. He was angled downhill and I couldnt Really see the antlers as well as the shooting light was fading fast. I decided to take a gamble and pulled the trigger. I was Fortunate to have made a good shot and after minimal tracking I found Him about 25 yards off the lane in the woods. I had shot “Elliott” the one sided antler buck. He was a big deer weighing 161lbs and I was Very happy to have the opportunity to harvest him. It was a great hunt and I’m happy to share.


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