Jamie Locklear’s Cumberland County buck

Cumberland County

North Carolina’s Finest

On October 1st I was doing a little scouting in Cumberland County and came across a fresh rub. The shavings were still green,that had fallen on the ground. While I was in the same area I got blowed on by a deer. So I wanted to stay out of there for a few days. On the 6th I came back in with my climber, to do an evening hunt.I climb about 20 feet up, with the wind in my favor. Forty-five minutes later I could hear the leaves crunching. I was thinking to myself, it’s early for deer to be walking. But little did I know, I had two monster bucks approaching me. Then the first one stepped out and I saw the rack. It was all history. He ran 20 yards and was down. When I walked up on him I was in shock. All I could do was thank God and call my buddies.

–Jamie Locklear

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