Jacob Edwards’ Thanksgiving buck


I was hunting in Granville C0unty, N.C. on Thanksgiving morning when I killed this trophy buck.

Using a .270 rifle, hunting in a hunting shack, I shot the buck and he ran about 50 or 60 yards. I got in the hunting shack about 5:30 a.m. after getting the buck on a pattern that week. He was showing up every other morning from 7 to 7:10 a.m. So I woke up Thanksgiving morning and got in there. And wouldn’t you know, about 7:15, he showed up.

I didn’t give him any time before putting the rifle up and pulling the trigger. I’m super thankful and blessed to be able to hunt the great outdoors and God’s creations.

I’ve been hunting this buck all year long. I had a shot opportunity at him during early bow season. But unfortunately he ducked the arrow. Then the next day, he came in but stayed facing me. I hunted him every chance I got.

Two other shooter bucks are also in the area, but he’s the one I wanted the most. He stopped showing in daylight as much as he was, but luckily he started showing back up.

–Jacob Edwards

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