He Gone!


The deer named “Brows” has lost the battle. I first caught this deer on camera nearly a year ago. I had probably 20 sits after him last season with only one encounter. Fortunately, his summer pattern walked right through the land I was hunting. My second sit of the season, 20 Aug 2022, a doe walked in, followed by Brows. He was about 4 steps into my kill zone when I let my arrow fly. He was quartering away from me so my arrow entered his left side, and stopped when it hit his right shoulder. He ran about 20 yards and then crashed. This deer is important to me because he is a couple firsts for me, my first buck in velvet, and my first bow buck. He is also my biggest buck…so far. The kicker on top of it all, this is the first season since my wife gave birth to our daughter, so the obligatory daddy daughter picture was the icing on the cake!


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