Grandpa 9


Grandpa buck green-scored 146 inches

I first got the buck on cam at 2.5 years old in 2019 as a beautiful basket rack 9 pointer. I didn’t hunt the property for the next 5 years, and fast forward to this hunting season, I set up with high hopes as the area is known for big bucks. I ran cameras starting in July only to see 6-8 does and one little spike for all of bow season. Getting discouraged, I opted to not put much time into the spot. Well on October 24th I got cell cam pics of the buck and a smaller 8 pointer at 10:45 that morning in broad daylight. Completely caught off guard with no stand to hunt, I quickly went to another hunting spot down the road, pulled a stand, went and set it up on my lunch break at 1 pm.

I finished my work day and slipped into the stand at 5 pm. When I got in the stand the smaller 8 was already feeding. I was able to slip into my stand as I was 120 yards down wind. At 5:25 3-4 does came out, and one seemed to be getting ready to come into heat. And 3-4 bucks I’ve never seen before started chasing the one doe. I guess all the activity lured the big mature buck out of his bed.

I knew he was coming when all the bucks looked back and tucked their heads and walked away. He stepped out at 125 yards and I shot him with my browning 1885 .270 single shot rifle with my hand load Hornady ammo. He ran about 60 yards and I watched him fall.

I quickly called my buddy Chandler, and he was on the way for the recovery. I only got a couple pics of him so I didn’t know which buck he was or how big. I just knew he was mature. When we walked up on him, I had no idea I was walking up on the big 9 from 5 years prior. He dressed out at 220 pounds and rough scored mid 146”. I’m so thankful to close the deal on such an old mature buck in Wake County. Pretty special for my area, I give all the thanks to God!

Tyler Zimmerman
Wake County
October 24, 2023
Harvested at 5:40pm


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