Early season blessing

Its bittersweet when your plan happens like clockwork, and it did.. 4 days ago this deer showed up on camera with his bachelor group eating at 7:30 in the morning, back again in the evening at 6:30. Showed up 3 days straight doing the same routine. The weather had him bedded down yesterday and i knew if a break in the rain happened then he would be back. Well he did… Yesterday at 5:30 i watched him and others cross one field heading to another field so i hit the grunt call 3 or 4 times and back across they came, 5:40 him and his group made their way to my pile. My scent, new bright yellow corn on the ground about blew my hunt, but they were hungry. At 5:50 I sent the rage at 22 yrds and it was a wrap for this big fella… I sat in the stand several times this year trying to talk to god and find him more, praying out loud not worried about deer hearing me, and he answered a prayer i cried for… at some point in the stand I always find myself talking to god, so I know this was a blessing from him. Its a amazing feeling at the end watching it all come together.

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