Dakota Williford’s Wake County buck

Wake County buck

I had been watching this buck all summer he was a regular face so I knew when bow season came in I was going to get a shot at him. I hunted opening day and didn’t see him but that night I had trail camera photos of him 45 min after I got out of my climber. So I knew the next day he might show up during daylight.

On September 12th I was walking to the stand and pushed 2 small bucks out of the field. I started to go home but I’m glad I didn’t. Right at dark I had 4 bucks come out and he was the last one to step out into the field. I had to fight all the eyes that were on me and sure enough he ran the smaller bucks out of the field so I knew it was my only chance to get a shot.

He turned broadside and I sent the Grim Reaper broadheads out of my crossbow and drilled him. He ran 100 yards and piled up in the creek. Everyone says there ain’t big deer in Wake County, but they’re just hiding.

— Dakota Williford; Willow Springs, N.C.

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