Dakota Johnson’s Wake County 9-point buck


Double lung shot takes down Raleigh 9-point

Dakota Johnson was bowhunting in a suburban neighborhood in Raleigh when he shot a 9-point buck on Sept. 13, 2021.

Johnson killed the buck with a Mathews Halon X compound bow. He shot the deer at 30 yards, and his Montec G5 broadhead passed through both lungs of the buck. After a 50 yard sprint, the buck dropped.

“I’m from Raleigh, N.C. and I focus on bowhunting suburban areas. I’d been chasing this buck for a few years now. Hunting on a 2.6 acre block of wood Sunday afternoon, he walked past my stand hunting a oak ridge right off Crabtree Creek. At 6:42 he came from my south side. I shot him at 30 yards, double lung shot, he ran about 50 yards and dropped,” Johnson said.

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