Dakota Icard’s Caswell County buck


What an opening day I tell ya & what better way to spend it in the stand with your fiancé. We call it our date nights in the stand. Coming up on about 5pm, about an hour of us being there we had three does come out to our pile, we watched them for a good 45 minutes before the two bucks we had on camera decided to show. They walked into the bean field, chased the Does around AND WOULD NEVER come any where in range for me to shoot. They ran off & I was super bummed knowing they wouldn’t be back in that field that evening. Well sure enough here they come, still not anywhere in shooting range but they had their eyes on the does in the bean field, making their way to our corn pile which was about 25 yards out from me. Here we are almost dark 30, I can stil see but no confident in my shot, we ranged him about 40 yards out. I doubted my shot, but the confidence my fiancé had in me, I pulled the trigger! We tracked him about 200 yards thru some fun thickets. Needless to say, my new birthday crossbow brought me some luck in harvesting my first EVER velvet buck! What a phenomenal opening day!! This hunt was on September 11th 2021 in Caswell County, NC. My name is Dakota Icard and I live in Icard, North Carolina.

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