Curley – a 12-point, 191-pound buck

12-pointI started hunting an area last year that I could tell had some bucks using the area from night pictures. It was open plantation pines with an old 3/4 acre field which sat next to a big 100 acre agricultural field. It was a good transition area to the big field but once again the deer didn’t like using the area until night. This summer a friend and I decided to plant the small field in a mix of sorghum, cow peas, and soybeans. I hoped it would give the deer some cover and help them feel more comfortable.

The plan seemed to work, I started getting daytime pictures and the deer seemed to be much more comfortable. I started noticing one buck that was a stud and started calling him Curley. I decided to hunt the food plot August 21st. Around 7 I started seeing deer and around 7:30 the bachelor herd stepped out with Curley in the back. Curley never left the food plot and by 8 o’clock I had my hands on him. I’ve taken a couple very good deer but nothing with this much character 12 points, double split brow tines, and 191 pounds.

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