Cross over is down !!

After checking my stealth cam early September I noticed a really nice buck in a bachelor group I named him cross over because his main beams cross over I told told my self this is my hit list buck I just hope I get a shot at him during daylight so when bow season opened I went and he never showed up after after shedding his velvet he became nocturnal it made it very difficult to pattern him After a cold front came through I checked my stealth cam October 2 he showed up during daylight I automatically knew I had to get in the woods because he’s on camera during daylight throughout the years I’ve had multiple pictures of this deer last year I had an encounter with him and I decided to pass him up thank God I did because he really got bigger so on October 3 I got in my stand at 3 PM A few minutes goes by and I already see a spike and I told myself this is a very good sign after watching the spike making a scrape he left and a couple hours goes by and I see four deer coming it’s two does and two fawns when they came out the spike came back snort wheezed and blew them out the spike was very territorial when he did that I knew to get myself ready for anything to happen well about two minutes goes by and all I see is horns coming through the woods towards me I immediately knew it’s him it’s crossover Buck fever took a toll on me I started shaking and breathing very very heavy his horns were very tall and his main beams crossed over I was extremely excited to see him in person when he got closer in range a doe came out as I was trying to grab my crossbow she noticed me I thought my evening was ruined from her so I close my eyes and said a prayer when I got done I open my eyes and noticed she put her head back down and I knew this is my chance I put my crossbow on my shoulders and I squeeze the trigger the shot looked great he ran into some thick brush and I heard him crash but I’m not too sure if that was him or other deer just running My nerves and emotions are going berserk I am freaking out because I think I just shot the biggest deer of my life I am so excited so thrilled and so blessed I think God for this moment that I dreamed about I called all my friends and family and tell them that I just shot cross over I don’t know if he’s dead yet but I have to give him time as time went by and my nerves finally got to calm down I climb down my tree stand I went to look for my arrow I cannot find it but I did find lots of blood and I was really excited to see that so I followed the blood trail into the Thicket The blood trail got better and better as I follow this blood trail 30 yards I looked up and there he is laying there it’s crossover I made a great shot he did not go 40 yards I did have tears in my eyes because it’s hard to say the chase is over after getting him loaded up I took him home we got some pictures and dropped him off the next day to my Taxadermist this dear age was 5 1/2 years old and scored 130.5/8 biggest deer ever shot in my life and I am truly blessed to even shoot this big of a buck in my hometown Cabarrus county.

–Chris M

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