Cayden Clark’s biggest buck to date


Today has been nothing short of amazing! We had a big 8 come in this morning but Cayden wasn’t able to get him in the scope good and the deer ended up walking off! My little buddy never got discouraged and was adamant about going back this evening to shoot one of our hit list bucks and the bucks have been really active in the evening! At 7:06 this evening he made a good shot on a big 9 that we’ve watched the past few years and all summer! The lord blessed us with an awesome hunt today! Son one day I hope you look back at this day and all the memories that we make and continue to make and cherish them like I do! I love you more then you’ll ever know! It’s also national daughter day and I’m so thankful for Sadie Grace! Kyla thank you for being a great mom to Cayden and Sadie and being so understanding and putting up with our obsession! Justin Alex Sewell and Davon Ratliffe thank you both for always being a call away and being the friends that you’ll are! We love youll boys and really appreciate you’ll!! Marshall Collette thank you for allowing me to represent mossy oak and being apart of the team! To everyone that’s called commented and text I haven’t answered everyone but know we’re thankful! Cayden I love you son more then you’ll ever know and so lucky to be your dad! Your my world son……. I will post some better pics last later #mossyoak #nationaldaughterday2021 #iloveyousadieandcayd #big9

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