Carson Foster’s Orange County buck

Orange County buck

12-year-old insisted his dad shoot the next deer

Carson Foster, 12-years-old of Oak Grove, N.C., shot a nice Orange County buck in early November with a 170-yard shot from his muzzleloader. He was hunting with his dad, and the next time they hunted together, he passed up a shot on another nice buck so that his dad could shoot it.

“I tried my best to get him to shoot that one also. But he insisted that shoot it because he had just gotten one. And he wanted to watch me,” said his dad Anthony Foster.

The young hunter is a seasoned outdoorsmen, having killed numerous turkeys and deer. And it seems he enjoys hunting for all the right reasons.

“I just thought that was an awesome thing to do for a 12-year-old not to be greedy because he just wants to share the memory and he already thinks like that,” said his dad.

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