Cameron McCarter’s first wall hanger

wall hanger

My first wall hanger

On Nov. 24 in Franklin County I got off work early and decided to go hunt the rest of the day. I chose to sit on the bottom of a tree beside my trail camera instead of sitting in my tree stand on the opposite side of the field, due to a tree that blocks my view from the corner where deer always seem to be standing when I climb down.

So I saw a huge doe come out in front of me and at this point I was really cold. So I was gonna take the doe but as I raised my rifle I noticed her look back behind her so I told myself to just sit tight. Then all of a sudden a nice 6 came out after her and not even 1 minute later my buck I’ve never seen before came charging that 6.

So as the doe started to walk away the big buck followed so I did what I thought would be best. I hollered at him and let my 7mm lay the smackdown on him. Dropped him in his tracks!! A day I’ll definitely never forget! I was born and raised in Richlands, NC and currently live in Louisburg, NC

–Cameron McCarter

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