Burnsville hunter takes down Mitchell County moose-like buck

moose-like buck

The 15-point buck had heavily-palmated antlers

Steve Woody of Burnsville, N.C. killed a 15-point Mitchell County moose-like buck on Nov. 23, 2021. The deer’s antlers were palmated to appear much like those of a moose.

Woody shot the buck from 100 yards away, and he was leaving the woods when he shot it.

“I sat all morning with no luck. I work for myself and decided it was time to head to work. So I proceeded to make my way to the truck when I saw movement in the edge of the woods. From that point, it was over in a blink,” said Woody.

He’d never seen the deer before, but a friend with property nearby had been getting trail cam photos of the deer since 2015.

“I learned of the deer from a friend of mine while eating lunch at a local diner. He informed me that he hadn’t gotten any pics of the deer since early bow season. I mentioned to him that I had a tract of land fairly close to where those pictures were taken,” he said.

Here’s another angle of the buck, taken just after Woody shot it.

His friend thought the moose-like buck was on Woody’s land. Woody wasn’t sure, but decided it was worth taking a look.

The moose-like buck green-scored 168 7/8 inches

“I was in disbelief that a deer of this caliber was on my lease. But on Tuesday (Nov. 23) morning I thought I would give it a try. I decided since the rut was in full swing to just prop up at the base of a tree and watch some grown-up fields, hoping a hot doe may bring the big deer by me,” he said.

It worked out for Woody just as he was heading to his truck. But even though he was hoping to encounter the big buck, he didn’t know that was the same deer when he pulled the trigger.

“What I saw was a shooter buck chasing a doe. I had yet to know it was the deer I was after. I raised my gun and put the crosshairs on its shoulder and squeezed the trigger,” he said.

moose-like buck

After the shot, the buck continued to chase the doe for about 20 yards before falling over.

“I didn’t realize it was the trophy buck until I was within a few yards of it. I sat for a few minutes, amazed. Then I called my brothers Mike and Rick Woody to help me get the big buck to my truck,” he said.

The trophy buck green-scored a whopping 168 7/8 inches, and is the biggest deer Woody has ever killed.

“I’ve hunted my entire life for a buck of this caliber and finally got the chance to pull the trigger on one,” he said.


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