Buck surprise!

On the morning of December 6, 2022, I was hunting a small property that our family hunts every year in Rockingham County, NC. We have cameras out and captured pictures of does and small bucks. This mainframe 8-point with 2 kickers (making it a 10-point) had never appeared on our camera.

After checking the weather and wind direction the previous night, I made my way into our stand location. Halfway to my stand it seemed like every deer in the county was bedded down on this small property and left it in a hurry. I continued to my stand and and waited.

Approximately 40 minutes into the hunt, I heard a deer enter the woods. I could hear the deer moving around for about 15 minutes before I finally saw it moving. The buck was slowly getting closer. He stopped at 70 yards and I had a clear lane. He was hard quartered towards me. He then lowered his head and I placed a shot at the base of his neck and dropped him.

I waited and watched him for about 15 minutes and then went to retrieve him. He is a beautiful buck with an awesome brow tine.

–Todd Lauvray

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