Before school buck

On Wednesday November 16th My dad and I went hunting before I had to go to school, we had a few bucks that we were looking for one of them being this big 9-point buck with a sticker off his right beam. I got in the tree stand about an hour before daylight and was looking forward to what the morning would hold. As daylight broke there wasn’t a whole lot of action, but happened to hear a buck grunting to my left.

I never seen a deer until about 8:50. Knowing I had to get out of my stand at 9 o’clock it wasn’t looking good. I happened to look up to my left and coming down the hill was a buck and I could tell it was a good deer. Then I realized it was the 9-point I was after.

I had seen this deer during muzzleloader at 50 yards, but my muzzleloader misfired. So after that, I knew he was a buck I wanted. Well he continued down the hill and stopped around 30 yards broadside and I put a good shot on him with my 270 Savage, and now he is the biggest buck I have harvested to date. What makes it even more interesting is that my dad had already climbed out of his stand and was on his way back to the truck.

I am very blessed to have harvested this buck and there is nobody I would have rather been hunting with. I killed the buck in Montgomery County.

–Wyatt McNeill


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