Becca Koon’s third big buck of 2022


SC hunter bags beautiful 9-point piebald buck

Hunter Becca Koon has had nothing short of an awesome season having filled two tags with trophy bucks. Becca hit the woods again on Friday, Oct. 7 with two big 9-points on her mind, not knowing she would get yet another surprise! Once in the stand, she went ahead and arranged her cameras and got quiet. It didn’t take long for deer activity to pick up.

A few does showed up and were feeding on acorns and eventually made it up to the corn. That’s when Becca noticed a big bodied deer in the background walking the acorn ridge. She could tell real quick that it was a buck because he begin working a scrape. He then started working his way towards the does and soon stepped out of the shade and into the sunlight.

The sun was beaming down on him and she knew real quick that this buck had a very nice rack. She had already passed on several more 8-points after killing the big 11-point a few days earlier. So this was a buck she decided to take. As she was waiting for a broadside shot, she noticed that all four legs from knee down were white. The back of both hams were also white and he had a solid white tail with a black tip. This was indeed a very unique buck!

Once he turned broadside, she delivered a perfect shot and he ran about 30 yards. She recovered the buck and he had 9 points. This particular buck had never been on camera just like the 11-point. The bucks are roaming big time so now is the time to be in the stand! You never know what’s going to show up!

That’s the story and here is video and a picture attached

–Tim Koon

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