9-year-old kills Guilford County 9-point buck

9-point buck

On September 11 2021, My son ( Kolton Paschal, 9 years of age) Harvested this 9-point buck with a Crossbow in Guilford County. We got settled in around 3:30pm and had a very calm evening with very little movement.

At 7:15pm I noticed the deer in the field kept looking back to the woods, I went to hand Kolton a water bottle and froze in my movement as I seen the 9-point buck step around a cedar about 50 yards away on the woodline , he was coming straight to us and he was coming quick.

At 26 yards Kolton let the arrow fly out of what he calls his favorite setup( Groundblind) . The deer may have ran 125 yards and piled up in the edge of a swamp at the Base of an Oak tree. Kolton has a very strong passion for the outdoors and spends the majority of his summer on the Intercoastal waterway Fishing.

–Houston Fridle

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