1st Buck Ever!

1st buck

I was in Orangeburg for a few days and all I was seeing was does until my last hunt before heading home. Now, I have taken does before, but I haven’t had the opportunity until my afternoon hunt on Oct. 8th to take a buck.

I am a late bloomer with hunting with only really hunting for the last 6 years. While sitting in the treestand watching 3 does standing in the field, this guy popped out and an exciting along with anxious feeling came over me. I had always heard about “Buck Fever,” but now I was praying I could finally experience it.

This 8 pointer walked back in the woods dashing my hopes for the moment. A few minutes later he came back out to where the does were at. As I put him in my scope he stopped to smell one of the does. When he stuck his nose out I pulled the trigger stopping him in his tracks.

The rush of emotion took over me with excitement as I waited for the does to run away. While sitting in the stand I was shaking as if I just did a polar plunge. It was an amazing feeling that God gave me this opportunity to harvest my first buck.

Once I got down to him I called my family letting them know. Truly an exciting hunt. Now I made an agreement with my wife that my first buck gets mounted and put in the house. I gently reminded her about the agreement giving us all a laugh. We are grateful and blessed to spend time in God’s creation. I am looking forward to experiencing this with my children when they get older.

–Tom Porter from Greenville, SC.

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