10 and a 8 on 10/8

I knew it was probably going to be a good morning, but after a long football game the night before a little more sleep was alluring. None the less I sent a text to my buddy Jimmy Robson and asked if he was going to go give it a shot. He quickly replied with “yep, almost to my stand.” So, I went ahead, got ready, grabbed some coffee, and headed to the woods.

I hate being late to the stand but figured that if there were deer already feeding, my stand is easy to sneak into, so I would be fine. Soon after I got in 2 does came in and were feeding but acting suspicious to something behind them. I just brushed it off to more does coming in or a small buck who usually tags along with them.

Around 15 minutes in Jimmy sends me a text and tells me to facetime him. I close my windows and cut the volume down as my phone begins to call. He soon tells me he’s shot a nice rack buck that he hasn’t had on camera before. He flips the camera around and I can see the white belly laying in his oak flat. I congratulated him and said call me back when you get to him, and I’ll come on over.

I slowly reopened my windows and looked down the lane. At first glance I thought it was the big doe, but after studying it I realized it was much larger and darker. No sooner had I come to that conclusion when he lifted his head up and revealed a large and wide rack. I didn’t bother counting points, instead cocked the hammer on the Traditions and let the smoke roll!

I immediately facetimed Jimmy back and told him or tried to tell him I had just shot a REALLY nice buck. He thought I was joking at first but soon realized I wasn’t. As I made my way to where the buck had been, I began to find good spots of blood which then turned into large patches of blood. After what seemed like a mile (only 80 yds) I found him piled up in a thicket. This was a hunt I won’t ever forget made even better since my buddy also shot one 7 minutes before me. Hopefully, I will have another buck to put into the drawing! Buck was shot in Onslow County.


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