Trey Davenport’s Oregon Inlet sheepshead




12-year-old Trey Davenport was fishing with his family on his annual summer OBX fishing trip, when he caught his first citation sheepshead out of Oregon Inlet. He lost one at the piling the year before so he was very excited to land this one. Started preparing the night before at low tide collecting sand fleas in hope for some sheepshead to be feeding on the outgoing tide the next morning.

Trey was fishing a Carolina rig with a Mustad 3467 No. 2 hook and 2-ounce weight when the big sheep bit his line. This stud was 8 pounds of hard fighting fish in that Orgeon Inlet current. Trey fought the fish with his 5000 spinning outfit for 5 minutes before landing it on the piling. It was pure excitement and smiles till next year.

This fish made some good fish and chips later at home! We landed 25 sheepshead totaling up to 70 pounds that morning and this was the biggest fish of the 2023 trip. He will remember this great day on the water with his younger brother (Easton), Moma (Anna), and Daddy (Samuel) for many years to come.

–Samuel Davenport

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