The Bill Collector Fishing Team

Alice Kelly
The Bill Collector Fishing Team is made up of Heather Simmons, Charleston, S.C.; Valerie Rutherford, Charlotte, N.C.; Kelly Houck, Barnwell, S.C.; Karen Guinn, Savannah, Ga.; Cristen Connell, Washington D.C.; Lucy Taffoni, Chapin, S.C.

Six strong women make up The Bill Collector Fishing Team

When six fierce women take to the water, they come back winners. The Alice Kelly Ladies Only Billfish Tournament proved the perfect venue for six amazing women to bond over their love of fishing, friendship and faith.

The connection these ladies share goes way deeper than the ocean. Each share a purpose to live life to the fullest and grab the rod, and reel in all life has to offer. One strong lady lost her father to brain cancer. Another lost her husband to a rare infectious disease. The lead angler battles endometriosis and severe complications, with ongoing treatment. Another team member lost her brother to cancer and yet another beat cancer, herself.

These ladies find hope and encouragement through God, each other and the great outdoors. A team made up of strong women that lift each other up and support each other through some of the most difficult times in life is worth a million dollars.

Alice KellyGiving back to others who are facing challenges is what The Alice Kelly Ladies Only Billfish Tournament is all about. All proceeds go to help those fighting cancer; men, women and children.

The Bill Collector Fishing team is gearing up for another great run next year and look forward to many adventures along the way. Capt. Bobby Garmany and Mate Matt Murphy’s expertise and knowledge of the waters put these ladies in position for a strong third place finish out of more than 120 boats. 

Bench Mark Charters out of Charleston, S.C. is proud to participate and contribute to this worthy cause. Life is short and this group of ladies savors each moment and gives thanks for the many blessings along the way. 

Heather Simmons — Charleston, S.C.


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