Lake Murray fishing report for summer stripers


Summer stripers are biting live bait down deep

One of the hottest bites taking place in the Carolinas right now is the striper bite at Lake Murray. The lake’s deep, cool water keeps these fish comfortable enough to feed no matter how hot the air temperature gets. 

The only trick is finding the depth they are feeding. And that’s not a big problem with today’s electronics. 

Capt. Jason Wolfe of Wolfe’s Guide Service has been finding them in big numbers for his clients lately. And once they find the fish, they lower live bait down to them, place the rods in rod holders, then wait on the fish to chow down.

Sometimes, you’ll find fish that just aren’t in a feeding mood. You can wait it out, keeping the baits in front of them until they can no longer resist. Or you can move on to another area, where you may find fish at either the same general depth, or at a drastically different depth.

On some days, the limit comes quickly. Fishing first thing in the morning often helps here, but quick limits can come at any time of the day if you catch a group of fish in a feeding frenzy. On other days, it’s a bit of a grind, picking up a few fish before hitting a lull, then picking up another one or two, and then repeating the process.

Anglers aren’t seeing much surface activity from stripers right now, but Wolfe said it’s always a good idea to keep a rod rigged with a topwater lure just in case a school begins slashing bait on top. But for the most part, live bait on down lines is currently producing limits for Lake Murray stripers.

Wolfe also fishes for catfish and stripers on several other lakes and rivers in the Carolinas. You can reach him at 803-487-3690.



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