Shore-bound angler catches 11-pound bass at Hanging Rock

11-pound bass
Shawn Gibson of Durham, N.C. caught this 11-pound bass at Hanging Rock State Park on May 10, 2021.

11-pound bass bit a live minnow

Shawn Gibson of Durham, N.C. caught an 11-pound bass while fishing at Hanging Rock State Park with Mark Carmany of Crappie Canoe on May 10, 2021. And he caught it from the bank. The two anglers were there hoping to get on a good trout bite.

Carmany said once they got set up to fish, they noticed numerous bass beds just feet from the shore. That’s when they decided to switch tactics and began casting bass lures. But it was a live minnow that finally caught the big bass.

“We tried all types of lures to get them. Texas rigs, craws, swim baits, jerk baits, etc. The fish would investigate, but no hits. A small live minnow dangled over the bed did the trick,” he said.

Carmany said the park at Hanging Rock Lake should provide some hot bass action for another week or so. He also said it’s one of the best places a shore-bound angler can hope for.

Carmany captured the catch on video

“If you want to get in on some really hot big mama bass bank fishing action over the next week or so, head to Hanging Rock State Park. Gates open at 7 a.m. You’ll practically have the lake to yourself if you go on a weekday. It’s an absolute gorgeous park with cool crystal clear water.

11-pound bass
The big bass barely fit into Carmany’s trout net.

“A trail completely circles the lake, giving easy access to the shoreline. It has tons of structure and lay-downs throughout. The bass are locked on their beds and just feet from the banks — big mama bass and tons of smaller males. The females are locked to the beds and the males are chasing bluegills,” said Carmany (919-309-5408).


Aside from Gibson’s 11-pound bass, they saw several others that were at least as big, along with many smaller ones.

Carmany netted the fish for Gibson with a trout net, which the big bass barely fit in. After weighing the fish and snapping a few quick photos, Gibson released the fish.

“Shawn’s bass was back on her bed a few minutes after release,” Carmany said.

The photo doesn’t do the fish justice, so click here for the video at Crappie Canoe’s Facebook page.

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