Clayton Heard’s bass fishing trip


My name is Clayton Heard and I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am currently a Junior at Tulane University in New Orleans. Due to Hurricane Ida, I evacuated to Natchitoches, a small town in North Louisiana. My fraternity Brother, William Mccarthy, owns a camp in those parts and invited a few people to stay with him to avoid the weather. We planned on doing some bass fishing in the small John Boats he has, but we had no idea how lucky we were going to get that week. At first we were throwing white and green YUM lures with bullet weights. We learned quickly that because of the grass at the bottom of the pond, we were going to have to change to weightless (great decision).

Early in the morning we would use top water, which we had a lot of luck with. However as the clouds cleared we would switch to pure white ZOOM rubber worms with no weight. Most days we would catch between 15-30 bass, never going below 10 in a day. We believe that over the entire trip (6 days) we caught about 100 largemouth bass. However, we managed to find a crappie hole with some outstanding fish in it. The picture I have attached is myself holding a white crappie (3.4 lb), which at first we though was a nice bass when I hooked it. You can see in one of the pictures that it almost covers two pieces of college ruled lined paper. These crappie were able to fit their mouths around 4/o bass hooks.

I am currently back in North Carolina due to the destruction in New Orleans. I wanted to share these pictures to possibly bring some positive thoughts towards Louisiana.

Thanks for reading,
Clayton Heard.

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