148-inch buck goes down in Scotland County

Ira Edge of Laurel Hill, N.C. killed this big buck on his family's farm in Scotland County on Nov. 1, 2018.

Elusive buck had 19.5-inch inside spread

Ever since last deer season, Ira Edge of Laurel Hill, North Carolina hoped to get a close encounter with a mysterious buck that was perusing his family’s Scotland County farm. The buck eluded him all season long.

When the buck showed up on trail camera back in June of this year, Edge knew he had to find a way to get this buck in his sights. And when the buck showed up on his camera at daylight on Halloween week, he knew his opportunity to take down his biggest buck ever had finally arrived.

“I tried to get him last year. He just never came in for me,” Edge said. “But, that is why he grew as big as he did. I was hoping I could get a chance at him and when he came into my corn pile for five days in a row, I knew I had my chance.”

His trail camera revealed that the buck was traveling with two other bucks, including a big 9-pointer and a smaller 8-pointer.

Edge was pumped up and hoped to seal the deal on the big 10 on Halloween morning. But, he couldn’t make it that day because he was busy on the farm and helping his 6-year-old daughter, Lindsey get ready for Halloween. He checked the camera card after lunch and to his surprise, the buck had been there at 7:30 that morning. He missed it.

“I was sick! He was there that morning and I missed my opportunity,” he said.

He decided to go the next morning and see if the deer would make another visit.

Edge was hunting in a briar thicket between a high, pine ridge, and a bottomland flooded in three feet of water. The deer felt safe here and Edge made sure they had plenty of corn to eat.

Edge was in the stand, and at 7:25 a.m., he saw something move near his corn pile.

“When I looked, all I saw was horns and I knew it was him,” he said.

Edge didn’t waste any time and shot the buck where he stood. The buck bolted away and off into the flooded bottomland. He felt like he made a good shot, but he wasn’t sure and he needed go get help.

It was still early when he got back home and his wife and daughter were at the breakfast table.

“My daughter was excited when I told her I had shot the buck and she encouraged me to take her to go look for him,” he said.

“Daddy, if I don’t go with you, you will not find him,” Lindsey Edge said.

The two headed back to the woods together and brought their chocolate lab along. Within minutes, the dog found the deer just 50 yards away.

“He is a good one and by far the biggest one I have ever killed,” Edge said.

With 10 measurable points and a 19 1/2-inside spread, the buck measured out at 148 inches.

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