blackened redfish

Blackened turkey hand pie recipe

Our world began changing in late February and was pretty much upside down by the middle of March. We hadn’t gotten to a shelter-in-place order when it was time to get this recipe together, but the grocery stores had been plundered, and the selection was nothing like we are used to as we prepared to prepare the fruits of spring turkey season. […]


Teriyaki wahoo fingers recipe

April is a special time for sportsmen in the Carolinas. Spring arrived a few weeks ago, and Daylight Savings Time has been in effect since early March. The weather is warming, and there are plenty of things to do. […]

Cajun spice

A delicious dish of Cajun spice

Carolina winters feature some cold days, but mostly, there are only a few at a time, with more moderate and occasionally downright warm days separating them. Still, it’s nice to come inside for lunch or dinner and have a meal that is tasty, filling and warms you to the soles of your feet. […]