Timing the maturation and flooding of crops for waterfowl impoundments can have a huge impact on hunting success.

Impoundment timing is key

Planting for wildlife involves many critical steps, but none is more critical than the timing of planting crops for waterfowl, especially for hunters without extremely large areas. […]


December 2018 New kayak gear

Benelli Super Vinci Shotgun

The superbly balanced Super Vinci shotgun is the world’s most reliable, softest-kicking, fastest-shooting, lightweight, semi-auto 12-gauge that shoots 23/4-, 3- and 31/2-inch magnum shells.



Paddle up some public puddle ducks

One of the biggest problems with public duck hunting in the Carolinas is an overabundance of people who want to hunt and a limited amount of public water. Tales of getting to the best spots at 2 a.m. and sleeping in the boat until legal shooting light make the prospect of public duck hunting even less palatable.  […]


Duck-banding info essential to managing waterfowl

Since 1940, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has managed national fish and wildlife populations and their habitat to protect and promote the resources. As part of those efforts, USFWS manages migratory birds jointly with Canada and Mexico, and to make educated, informed decisions, hunter input and band data must be included.  […]


Early Canada goose season is best kept secret in Carolinas

Throughout much of the Carolnas, deer hunting and dove hunting seasons are now open. The saltwater fishing is also going strong, and as bass begin their fall transition, catfishing is going strong on most of the lakes and rivers. And in all this, another season that is also open, but often overlooked, is the early Canada goose season. […]