Public Affairs

No question, there are easier things to do than hunt public land across the sprawling metropolis of South Carolina’s Upstate, which doesn’t boast of any rice fields or vast acres of marsh grass. […]


Curtains for Ducks

Leggett Lump is hardly even that. While nobody really knows where the name originated, the “lump” is a slight rise in the bottom of a couple of inches in height above the surrounding expanse of Pamlico Sound. […]


Greenwood’s Greenheads

The predawn cold rattled my bones as I pulled my neoprene waders up over many layers of insulation. Sunrise was still a couple of hours away, and the anticipation of big ducks swooping into our decoys helped me stave off the cold as I pulled the waders up as far as they would reach. […]


Draw Down on Ducks

Back in October, you and a group of your duck hunting buddies — or maybe it was a couple of family members — obtained an application from the S.C. Department of Natural Resources for one of their annual draw duck hunts. […]


Ducks on the Dole

It’s said that you should be prudent about what you wish for, because you might get it. Then again, one man’s disaster can be another’s opportunity. […]


Redneck Duck Hunting

It was a typical, pre-dawn February morning in North Carolina’s Piedmont — completely dark and extremely cold. Rolling along, hoarfrost painted feathery patterns on the windshield of Sandy Brady’s SUV, and minutes later, the ground crunched under his feat as he walked the edge of a cornfield, loaded down with bags of decoys and shotguns. […]