April is hawg huntin’ time

The key to being able to go bass fishing and consistently locate fish is to pay attention to season patterns, and one pattern that is dominant across South Carolina in April is the spawn. […]


Dukes of Swirl

Another mild winter and April’s warming weather should trigger a feeding frenzy by specks that seem to be getting larger each season. […]


Future Fisherman Foundation Offers Grant

Alexandria, VA – The Future Fisherman Foundation (FFF) has $200,000 available in grant funding for physical education teachers who incorporate fishing and boating education into their curricula, offering up to $5,000 individual grants to help foster active leisure lifestyles and ethical attitudes about the outdoors. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass, anglers get Marching orders

March is a great month to bass fish, and it’s not just because I’ve been stuck inside for a couple of months or because I’m getting tired of bundling up like an Eskimo to get out on the water. […]