Will Bluefins Rebound?

Large bluefin tuna are being depleted, but they’re not being over-fished.

Anglers should take with a grain of salt the wailing and whining of people who make their living wailing and whining. […]


Down South, Down Under

Fishing offshore during the winter is different.

It’s a lot of fun, but it requires more preparation than other times of the year. Certainly all equipment needs to be in prime working order, but anglers also need to be in good condition. […]

Offshore Fishing

Governor’s Cup still on top

The S.C. Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series recently completed its 19th season.

The brainchild of former Gov. Carroll A. Campbell, the Series is squarely focused on the conservation of billfish species, but it has also managed to prosper due to the popularity of offshore fishing. […]

High Tides and Tall Tails

A few fall secrets for big macks

During the months since I was honored by the membership of the SKA and elected to the organization’s Hall of Fame, I’ve had many congratulations and some good-natured heckling from angler friends.

The latest round of heckling has been to give up the goods on the rigs and spreads I use to catch big fall kings. In trying to appease my friends, here are some of my ideas from over the years. […]


Wahoo Fever

Chesson O’Briant works as a sales manager at his family’s business, Emerald Marine Boat Sales and Service at Cape Carteret.

For better or for worse, the fact is that having a boat business with an ocean so close at hand nearby lured him away from an upstate college before he completed the courses needed for graduation. Now 25, he’s an accomplished king mackerel fisherman — or make that was an accomplished king mackerel fisherman. […]


Two Scoops Offshore

The previous night never really cooled off and, as Capt. Mike Webb eased the Pelagic Too into the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway underneath the Atlantic Beach Bridge, the haze obscured the lights at the Morehead City and Money Island Bay waterfronts.

The high humidity added to the haze, and our shirts clung to us after normal activity. […]


The Play’s the Thing

Capt. Stan Jarusinski can claim the title of being one of the best small-boat king mackerel anglers in the southeastern United States.

He and the crew of his 23-foot Regulator, Mister Stanman, won the two-day Southern Kingfish Association 2005 national championship for boats less than 23 feet in length by landing back-to-back king mackerel, each weighing more than 40 pounds, off the Florida coast during April 2006. […]

Offshore Fishing

Sailfish drawing more attention

One of nature’s phenomena occurs in our offshore waters in September, October, and sometimes even into November. Only within the past few years have sailfish arrived in such surprisingly high numbers as to inspire bluewater fishermen with renewed vigor to chase offshore adventure in the fall. […]