Barrett Beasley’s Alamance County buck

Alamance County buck

I had been hunting this buck in Alamance County, N.C. since he first showed up on our cameras on 10/15/2020 late in the night. Hunted hard for weeks, studied all the possible routes he was using from his bedding, hunted different parts of the property in an effort to find him in day light.

On 11/22/2020 I chose to hunt a stand that was only 60 yards from the thicket he beds in; and I didn’t see a deer all evening until the last 10 minutes of shooting light. At around 5:20 in the afternoon he stepped out of the thicket at about 80-90 yards away.

I waited for him to walk in one of the openings, and took the shot. He ran about 20 yards before he finally expired. My biggest buck to date.

Barrett Beasley — North Carolina

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