Fishing reels

Tough enough to stop a bull red, the BB1 Inshore Speed Spool combines strength and performance in a baitcast reel designed specifically for the demands of inshore saltwater fishing. Built for battle, these reels feature sturdy one-piece aluminum frames and gear side plates. […]


Fishing rods

Made to endure the intense demands of tournament action, All Star built this lineup of technique-specific rods with Nano Resin technology, which offers two distinct design options: lessening material for a lighter rod while maintaining break strength or keeping the same amount of material and significantly increasing break strength. […]

Bass Fishing

Prespawn Patrol ­- Tips for bass fishing success during the prespawn

Pickles and ice cream, donuts with lots of sprinkles, Cheese Whiz and anything with chocolate – pregnancy cravings are a fact of life, for a soon-to-be mom eating for two (or more).

Expectant bass might not crave anything odd, but they’re all about packing their bellies for their forthcoming spawn. Learn where and how to locate these fish and you can, ahem, “expect” your own delivery of rod-bending fun.

First, consider the basics of where they’ll spawn. Creeks, coves, backwater canals. Pretty much any shallow habitat with good sunlight and some type of cover will do. […]