Bass Fishing

Tune up that popping bait

Pro fisherman Casey Ashley, the reigning Bassmaster Classic champion, loves his popper fishing. He’s particularly fond of the XCalibur Zell Pop, but even though the bait comes ready for action, Ashley makes a few adjustments to ensure he gets the performance he needs. […]

Bass Fishing

June at Kerr: Hard to top

The year’s sixth month marks the beginning of a transitional period. Summer arrives on June 21, but there’s a lot of room for crossover, so anglers will do well to mind these margins and make the most of what a day offers. […]


Freshwater lures

It seems fitting that a bait so commonly thrown from a bass boat would have a design feature common to this type of vessel. Indeed, the Vicious Frog owes its tantalizing side-to-side walking style to the “bass boat” belly that effects this bass-tempting movement. […]


Fishing line

Whether you’re punching Beavers through thick mats of grass for big bass or slinging big poppers for yellowfin, checking your line for nicks, burrs and weaknesses helps prevent breakage at the most inopportune moment. […]


Top-shelf Tackle

They haven’t invented any new fish that we’re aware of, but the fishing industry never lets us down in terms of new products to help us catch all those fish that we know and love. […]


Tackle boxes, Nets, etc.

Winner of the Best Tackle Management award at ICAST 2013, this intuitively re-engineered bag features a molded top that holds a 3700, 3600 or 3500 ProLatch StowAway box in place with elastic straps. Remove the StowAway and you have a handy workspace for rigging tackle. […]