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  • Bless the Santee Cooper bass spawn
    Experienced bass anglers at Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie begin looking for big bass moving into shallower water by late February.
  • Don’t wait on the tide; move with it instead
    Don't wait in one spot for the tide to shift. You'll catch more fish if you move along as the tide comes in or rolls out because the fish are always moving with the tide.
  • Enjoying those beautiful brookies
    For thousands of years, brook trout had mountain streams to themselves. Around the turn of the century, however, brook populations began an irreversible decline as widespread logging, railroad construction, agriculture and unregulated fishing exacted heavy tolls on both numbers and habitat.
  • Grilled double-bacon vension cheeseburger roll
    This month’s recipe includes venison, bacon and cheese. With this combination, it has to be good. Factor in that it’s cooked on a grill, and it keeps adding points.
  • Impoundment timing is key
    Planting for wildlife involves many critical steps, but none is more critical than the timing of planting crops for waterfowl, especially for hunters without extremely large areas.
  • Jerkbaits can give speckled trout fits
    Jerkbaits are great lures for catching speckled trout. Anglers should keep in mind that not all jerkbaits are created equal.
  • Research before you hitch your bass boat
    Homework is a key part of taking advantage of the hot bass bite across the Carolinas in March.
  • Spring slab crappie are perfect kayak targets
    Kayak anglers have a distinct advantage over powerboat anglers when targeting most species. This is especially true of crappie fishing during the spring.
  • Tie on a Black Label balsa crankbait
    Mississippi pro’s hand-crafted balsa crankbaits are square-billed, bass-catching creations.

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