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  • Catfish, stripers and deer
    Anglers can have a field day with catfish and stripers at Santee in December, and deer hunting in the area can be top notch.
  • Christmas puppies, lifetime memories
    A couple of Christmas puppies left a lifetime of memories for the author, and a lifelong love of training other dogs.
  • December is time to follow the baitfish
    Using electronics to stay with migrating baitfish is the best best for bass anglers in December.
  • Dolphin management is challenging
    Managing the dolphin fishery has become quite a challenge for fisheries biologists and regulatory agencies, for a number of reasons.
  • Going traditional
    Many hunters are ditching high-tech archery gear and picking up traditional bows and arrows.
  • Have a seat
    Kayak seats can make one of the biggest differences in how comfortable an angler is, and how long they’re willing to stay on the water.
  • Plant this in December?
    Planting winter rye grain during December will be a huge benefit as the deer hunting season winds down, and into the spring as well.
  • Venison sausage biscuits
    These venison sausage biscuits are the perfect Christmas morning breakfast, and they also work for holiday treats and even supper.
  • Whitetail deer
    Whitetail deer are the most popular game animals throughout the southeastern United States.

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