Bass Fishing

Beat the cold for winter bass in the Carolinas

Anglers in the Carolinas battle a mixture of conditions throughout the year, from freezing winter temperatures to sweltering-hot summer dog days. While most states experience a steady seasonal climate, the Carolinas often experience  the yo-yo effect, where cool and warm days routinely bookmark each other during the winter.  […]

Bass Fishing

How to catch Lake Wylie’s winter bass

Lake Wylie has always been considered one of the better cold-weather lakes in the Carolinas for largemouth bass, and February is prime time for big fish to start stirring, plus, there’s the constant action around one of the lake’s warm-water discharges. […]


Even on hot-hole lakes, think current, food

When the water temperature in lakes across the Carolinas starts to plummet as winter approaches, many bass fishermen jump at the chance to fish those reservoirs that, because of the presence of a power plant, have a warm-water discharge. […]

Bass Fishing

How to catch winter bass in Carolina lakes

With wintertime setting in, dedicated bass anglers know that the lakes across both Carolinas can offer some of the best bass fishing of the year. And it’s some of the most peaceful fishing too, with very few pleasure boaters, skiers, or personal watercraft on the water. […]