Deer of the Year

Aiken County hunter drops trophy 11-point buck

Matt Atkinson popped an 11-pointer on Sept. 8 after just recently joining a hunting club near his Aiken County home. And what a buck it was! Atkinson’s buck boasted several 11-inch tines with bases over six inches in circumference, and is expected to score upwards of 140 inches.  […]

Deer Hunting

Hunter kills 350-pound boar while completing Cherokee Run Southern Slam

Getting a “slam” in any sport is a good thing. Inshore anglers strive for the Inshore Slam, catching three popular species on the same trip. Turkey hunters go after their grand slam, in which they travel the country to kill every species of the big game bird in the nation. Bass anglers go after the bass slam, catching all seven black bass species. […]

Deer of the Year

North Augusta hunter kills 12-point, 134-inch velvet buck…

Zacheriah Mellott killed two trophy bucks, both in full velvet on Aug. 16, and if that sounds greedy, it was anything but. He could have shot quite a few more if he’d wanted to, but after his wife killed a velvet buck on opening day last year, he was just happy to join — then pass her — as a member of the velvet club. […]