Deer Hunting

Hunting tips must fly true

Each year, as bowhunters switch over from shooting practice tips to broadheads, I see many of them come into our archery shop in a total state of panic. Even though they have been practicing all summer and their bow was sighted in, their hunting arrows are shooting to a totally different point of impact, or worse yet, won’t group at all. […]


Striper fishing is back

October is a great time for catching all kinds of fish on the Santee Cooper lakes, but the most anticipated day is the re-opening of the striped bass season after a four-month closure. […]


Leg bands are a duck hunter’s bird bling

While duck hunters are among the most earnest in effort and commitment to their sport, they have little to show in terms of trophies: no impressive antlers to hang on the wall, citations to signify an outstanding catch after a day on the water. But, if you want to make a waterfowler proud, ask him about his duck bands. […]