Lady Killer

Linda Draheim believes the best way to catch a husband and become a deer hunter is to become a raccoon hunter. […]


Rivers West

With the introduction of the H2P Waterproof System in 2001, Rivers West has prided itself on keeping its customers warm and dry no matter how bad the weather conditions. […]


YETI Bait Tray

Made of 18 gauge stainless steel and resistant to corrosion, the new custom offshore fishing bait tray from YETI is not only tough, but provides ease of cleaning and offers a finish that won’t scratch like painted systems. […]


Here come the electric boats

Maybe it was the $5-a-gallon gas we saw back at the beginning of the current economic slump or maybe it’s just part of the growing green movement, but the number of boat makers offering models with electric primary power instead of gas engines is amping up. […]

Greener Pastures

Clover patches need November fertilizing

November means business for the majority of deer hunters. With the rut peaking and cool weather settling in, few hunters consider food-plot management or improvement something to schedule this month as they focus on maximizing their time in the deer stand. But choice food plots need attention after heavy activity and browsing this month, with clover in desperate need of nutrient replenishment. […]