Freshwater Fishing

It all breaks loose in March

The fishing on the Santee Cooper lakes begins to come together in frantic fashion in March. Despite often unpredictable weather, the fishing is predictable: look for fish in shallow water. […]

Greener Pastures

Write it down

Landowners and hunters invest countless hours on their hunting parcels cultivating food plots; constructing tree stands, maintaining access corridors and conducting timber-improvement activities. […]

Bass Fishing

Be sharp with your blades

I grew up on the upper end of Lake Murray and spent most of my time fishing up there, because the little johnboat I had didn’t give me the capability of fishing the entire lake. […]

Fishing Tournaments

Three from NC are ‘Elite’

Three North Carolina fishermen have qualified for the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series through their performances last year on the Elite Series, in Bassmaster Opens and or in the BASS Federation Nation championship. […]


The house search

Nothing is more terrifying to a homeowner than a “hot” burglary. That’s what detectives call incidents where cold-blooded cretins, crawling out of their skins with drug addictions, creep a house with the occupants home, generally asleep. […]


Fisheries bill is a winner — this time

The freshwater fisheries bill that may be passed into law by press time is a piece of legislation that’s far-reaching but not far-fetched, needed to address issues that have developed in recent years and, at the same time, a reminder that things still aren’t done just right. […]