Bass Fishing

Wrapped Too Tight?

No one knows who first described B. Everett Jordan’s largemouth bass as “swimming footballs,” but the depiction is an accurate one given the short, stocky nature of the fish that meander throughout the lake’s underwater gridiron. […]


Bugged by Stripers

Theories are rampant as to what caused a major decline in N.C.’s winter striped bass fishery. North Carolina Sportsman asks some experts in this story. […]


Two-Front War

It’s a terrible thing to be invaded on two fronts, especially if you’re a soldier.

However, it’s a wonderful thing if you’re a fisherman. […]


Doormat Daze

Like swallows to Capistrano, flounder return to the Cape Lookout area every year. Sometime in mid-May, a few fish begin showing up near reefs and wrecks a few miles off the beach. […]

Bass Fishing

Topwater Mark

To say Lake Wylie has undergone a tremendous transformation during the past half-dozen years isn’t to take away from the transformation it underwent about 80 years ago. […]



Good and bad news exists for speckled trout — and anglers — in the creeks near Oriental and perhaps at other tributaries of the lower Neuse River. […]


The pogie battle is enjoined again

With the passage of the Coastal Recreational Fishing License into law last year, only a few needed changes remain to be made in North Carolina’s saltwater management strategies — if the state is going to continue to allow a relatively few commercial netters to take a large portion of our citizens’ public resources for profit. […]