Bass Fishing

Do the mayfly dance

I love to fish for bass at night this month, but when I do fish during the daytime, there’s one thing I really look for and pay attention to, and that’s mayflies. […]

Bass Fishing

Storm Arashi Rattling Square 3 and Square 5

After a day of prefishing in late May for a Bassmaster Open on Tennessee’s Douglas Lake, one of the tour’s up-and-coming bass pros was eager to talk about a crankbait he used on his way to finishing 14th this year in this year’s Bassmaster Classic. […]

Inshore Fishing

Rigging for sharks

Brad Knight has a pretty standard setup for rigging for sharks when fishing from his kayak. It works, and it’s strong — strong enough that he boated a 140-pound class tarpon three years ago while fishing for sharks. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Dance a jig for Edisto bass

One of Billy Garner’s favorite ways to catch largemouth bass on the Edisto River is a dying art that many of today’s anglers have never heard of, much less tried. […]

Freshwater Fishing

A vote for wooden boats

“You can do anything out of an aluminum boat or fiberglass boat that you can do from a wooden boat,” said Billy Garner of Ridgeville, “but the nostalgia anda beauty of a wooden boat are what attract most people to strip boats.” […]