Inshore Fishing

Don’t forget the carp

As I approached the boat ramp, I noticed the small lagoon to the left. The water was shallow, and the bright sun penetrated the surface, allowing all things below to be seen easily, even from across a pine-filled peninsula. […]

Bass Fishing

Don’t forget Senkos

August is the dog days of summer, bass fishing can really get tough, and that can be frustrating. First off, you have to understand that you aren’t going to catch the big weights you did back early in the spring. […]

Bass Fishing

When it’s time to change your fishing line

Changing line needn’t be a hassle; you simply have to control the situation. Line-stripping tools facilitate removal, but if you use the hand-wrapping method, keep your wrapped fingers spread, as relaxing them allows you to easily remove all that old line you’ve bundled. […]

Inshore Fishing

Find a fish funnel, find OBX reds

While sight-casting is certainly the most-thrilling means of targeting big red drum, it’s not always the most practical. Low-light conditions, high winds and occasional stained water can make putting eyes on a school nearly impossible.  […]

Deer Hunting

Don’t miss great August fishing

Before summer arrives, it seems to take forever to get here. But as soon as the kids get out of school, activities begin, and the hot days fly by at lightning speed. As August arrives, the summer will be winding down, and the kids will soon start school again. […]