Bass Fishing

I might enjoy this April

I have made no bones about having trouble catching bass in April, because I’m a crankbait fisherman and it’s probably the worst month in North Carolina to fish a crankbait. […]

Bass Fishing

Topping out in April

A lot of people love to fish in April, and it’s easy to understand why. The weather has warmed up and settled, it’s a joy to spend a day on the water when it’s that pretty — and the fish will be biting. […]


Trout on a fly

Yes, you can catch speckled trout on a fly rod, and when you get into a school, the action can be “a fish on every cast” frantic. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Albemarle Sound fish get special attention

Striped bass are one of the few fish managed by specific bodies of water in North Carolina The Albemarle Sound Management Area begins at the Virginia border in Currituck Sound and runs along the western side of the Outer Banks to Eagles Nest Bay, just south of Oregon Inlet. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Follow the fry

When the shallow areas of the Santee Cooper lakes green up in the spring, they provide ideal places for small fish to hide and spawners to being their annual ritual. […]

Bass Fishing

Made in the shade? No way!

Lots of fishermen will go straight to a shaded bank to look for shallow bass, figuring their approach is a little more covered in a low-light situation, but bass pro Tracy Adams of Wilkesboro said that may not give fishermen much of an edge on Lake Hickory. […]