Lake Monticello spring bass fishing report

Lake Monticello bass, white perch biting the three-rig

The largemouth bass are hitting strong on Lake Monticello on a variety of lures. One technique that’s been very successful is called the three-rig. Steve Comalander of Chapin has been catching plenty of bass on this rig.

The three-rig consists of three jigs, all different colors, spaced out with swivels and leaders on the same line. Comalander likes them to be different colors because this gives the fish more options. Colors can be critical this time of year on Monticello, and bass can prefer one color at first, then suddenly begin hitting a different color quickly.

One reason he likes fishing the three-rig is because aside from bass, he catches plenty of quality-sized white perch. This means fast action with the occasional big bass. Fishing this way offers anglers the best of both worlds.

In the attached video, Comalander shows and tells how he’s catching the bass at Monticello this spring, even when the weather fluctuates.

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