Gorilla Gloves fill sportsmen’s bill

Gorilla Grip gloves come in a variety of strengths

Rarely have sportsmen had so many great choices for gloves from the same manufacturer at the same time, but that’s what’s up with the four different offerings from Gorilla Gloves.

  • Gorilla Grip VEIL gloves are light, featuring a quick-dry, breathable design available in three camo patterns in a light knit shell. They’re even touchscreen compatible if you’re negotiating your marine electronics.
  • Gorilla Grip MAX Fingerless gloves give your hands protection while allowing your fingers to work, unfettered, while delivering a surpreme grip while wet.
  • Gorilla Grip + ANSI Level 5 Cut Protection cloves provide extreme flexibility and protection in wet and dry situations — perfect for cleaning fish and throwing a cast net for baitfish or shrimp.
  • Gorilla Grip + ANSI Level 5 Cut Protection + RhinoFlex have a tough, outer polymer skin for impact and abrasion protection that is flexible enough for natural movement.

MSPR: $6.99-$9.99 per pair, or in 3-packs.

For more info, visit: bigtimeproducts.net.

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