WMA closures, draw hunts facing closures

Several WMAs are currently closed due to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, and some draw hunts are also in question.

Closures are due to aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, South Carolina’s outdoorsmen are facing a number of closures that may be of interest to them. Whether you are scheduled to participate in a draw hunt or if you were planning on heading to a WMA to do some hunting or fishing, check the list below to see if your activities are still taking place.

The following coastal WMAs are closed until further notice:

Palachucola WMA

Hamilton Ridge WMA

Webb WMA

Donnelley WMA

Bear Island WMA

Botany Bay Plantation WMA

Bonneau Ferry WMA

Edisto River WMA

Dungannon Plantation HP/WMA

Santee Coastal Reserve WMA

Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve

The following draw hunt applicants will be contacted in the event of cancellations:

Donnelley WMA lottery deer hunt cancelled (Oct. 10-12)

Palachucola deer hunt cancelled (Oct. 13-15)

Webb Center hunt cancelled (Oct. 12)

Webb Dove hunt cancelled (Oct. 12)

S.C. Environmental Awareness Award ceremony (Oct. 6)

Boat titling and registration offices for Florence and Charleston closed (Oct. 10) – Online sales are still available

Francis Marion National Forest closed (8 a.m. on Oct. 6 – 12 p.m. on Oct. 11)

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