Order your turkey tags now

Turkey tags are no longer available from local stores. Hunters must get their turkey tags from an SCDNR office or by applying online.

Allow 4 to 7 days to receive tags by mail

Opening day of South Carolina’s turkey season is 20 days away, and while diehard turkey hunters have probably already been scouting, have been fine-tuning what turkey loads work best with their gun, and have their camouflage already laid out, they need to take one more important step before they hit the woods on the 20th – they need to order their turkey tags.

In years past, hunters could pick up their turkey tags at the last minute at a number of outdoor stores, but that is no longer the case. The only over-the-counter locations are now SCDNR offices which are located in Clemson, Charleston, Columbia, Florence, and York. 

For hunters that can’t make it to those offices, click here to order your tags online, or click here to print the application and mail it to SCDNR. 

Turkey tags are free of charge, but hunters must have them in their possession to legally hunt wild turkeys. Before ordering tags, hunters should look at their hunting license to see if the phrase “Seasonal Wild Turkey Tags” is printed. If it is, they will already receive the tags by mail before March 20. 

Don’t make the mistake of ordering your tags just a few days before the season starts. The agency expects the processing and mailing to take between four to seven days.